Google Gingerbread Nexus 2 Coming to Carphone Warehouse for Christmas?

If you are one of the Android faithful and also a lover of the Google Nexus One superphone, it appears that the Nexus line hasn’t quietly died a death as word has it the Google Nexus Two is on its way and expected to hit before Christmas.

According to an article over on Engadget Mobile by Chris Ziegler, City A.M. a UK publication has stated that Google has now penned a deal with the Carphone Warehouse which will see the retailer hold exclusivity over the Android based Google Nexus 2, and that the device will be offered in time for the Christmas rush.

There isn’t much more detail offered by the publication other than apparently the Google Nexus One successor will run the Android Gingerbread operating system, and word has it the device will not be made by Samsung.

Now, obviously the original Nexus One didn’t fair too well in the mobile arena, and Google put that down to the inability for customers to get hold of the smartphone, so maybe this is why Google had signed a partnership with Carphone Warehouse so the retail giant can get the Nexus Two out there to the public.

Of course Carphone Warehouse also partners Best Buy so this could also mean the Google Nexus 2 might be offered by Best Buy Mobile over in the US.

Apparently the info comes by way of an “industry source,” and naturally Google and Carphone Warehouse have declined to comment, so it could just be a rumour, but would you be interested in the Nexus 2 if it became widely available?


6 thoughts on “Google Gingerbread Nexus 2 Coming to Carphone Warehouse for Christmas?”

  1. Ben says:

    I don't believe there will be a Nexus Two, not from Google! They have stated a number of times that they wouldn't even consider a Nexus Two, plus, it's now only 2 months till Christmas, and there are no details, no leaked photos, nothing to indicate that a Nexus Two is on the way!

    1. some internet dude says:

      the first was not from google hyc made it for google, this time samsung is making it for google. So it will be from google like the first

  2. anuj says:

    Seriously!i was expecting that gingerbread will b deliverd 2 nexus one via ota…whr the hell did nexus 2 came frm??google must update nexus 1 with gingerbread…

  3. messylaura says:

    have a nexus one and love it, certainly not expecting google to launch a nexus two, would have thought thier next device would be a tablet, unless thats what the nexus two is going to turn out to be, a tablet lol
    i would buy a nexus two, (again not a carrier version) if it was significantly better than the nexus one,
    one thing is for sure, i would definatly prefer to stay with google badged hardware considering that they are first in-line for the updates

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