iPhone Developer Site Now Officially Launched by XDA-Developers

A little while ago there was a whisper doing the rounds on the net that the hackers over at XDA-Developers were thinking of launching an iPhone developer’s dedicated site, and it appears that the rumour has now turned into fact.

According to an article over on Pocket Now by Brandon Miniman, the XDA-developers have now officially gone live with iPhone-developers.com, which means we may just get a peek at what XDA is thinking of doing with the Apple iOS platform.

iPhone-developers features jailbreak application reviews, forums, an intuitive jailbreak wizard which helps user navigate the world of jailbreaking, of course depending on which baseband and firmware the user is running.

Apparently current XDA-developer members can easily and quickly transfer their account over to iPhone-developers simply by selecting “XDA User” in their forums. So now that XDA has launched this new developer website for the iPhone it will be interesting to see what they can come up with.

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