Sony PlayStation Phone Real Confirms Engadget

Apparently the recently pictures Sony PlayStation phone is causing some debate as to whether the device is real or fake, which is all par for the course when a new device shows its head in the mobile phone arena, but apparently this device is real.

After posting numerous images of the Sony PlayStation phone, Joshua Topolsky of Engadget has again posted and this time confirming that the Sony PlayStation phone is “definitely real,” as they know it to be true.

Apparently they have had the existence of the device confirmed through “multiple trusted sources” and those sources aren’t just tipsters but some are “people more closely connected to the project,” and have now got some more detail to share.

Those details are that the PlayStation phone has a codename of “Zeus” and that the device was running Android 2.X OS and not Android 3.0. So what do our readers think about this PlayStation handset, do you think it is the real deal and Engadget claim or are you still sceptical?

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