iPhone 4 White Not Releasing: Discussion Sound Off

The iPhone 4 white version is what Apple fans have been waiting for and so much so that many customers have been beside themselves waiting for it, well the nightmare is not over folks because it seems according to sources that it is not coming at all now.

When you think the white iPhone 4 release is getting near all of a sudden it gets cancelled, now we are not too sure if this is a rumour or not but BGR is reporting it so we thought you should know then latest news. Apple has no plans what so ever in releasing, which is a major blow to those wanting this colour smartphone.

We reported that the white iPhone 4 would release Spring 2011 but now it seems it is being cancelled in favour of the iPhone 5 release, wonder if they are gearing more towards the Verizon iPhone launch as well.

Apple, please step forward and grow some manly front area and let us know what is going on, you owe it to your customers to let us know the real story instead of rumour upon rumour.

We want to start a discussion area for you to sound off your views on the above situation, scroll below readers and get those comments coming in as we would like to know what you think.

Source – iDB

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