Nokia C7 12 Minute Review on Video

We have a review of the latest Symbian^3 smartphone to escape from the Nokia camp for your viewing pleasure today, namely the Nokia C7 which is said to be roughly the same spec as the Nokia flagship device the Nokia N8 although with a touch more class.

The guys over at Phone Arena have actually don’t quite an in-depth review of the Nokia C7 which covers four pages so if you have some spare time nip over to their website to check the Nokia C7 review out in its entirety, but if not then you can check out the video version right here.

The Nokia C7 review video lasts a reasonable twelve minutes and gets right into what the Nokia C7 offers the user, I won’t let on here as it would spoil your viewing of the video below.

The guys have come up with a couple of pros and cons with the Nokia C7 though, the cons being the device loves fingerprints, while Symbian^3 is somewhat convoluted at times, and there is a lack of auto-focus with the camera. But on the upside, the Nokia C7has a solid build quality, a good battery life, and great codec support.

So those are the main highlights of the Nokia C7 review and like I said hit up their site if you have time to read the full blown version, but above all check out that Nokia C7 review video below…enjoy.


One thought on “Nokia C7 12 Minute Review on Video”

  1. Nokia should do better than this to chasing Android and iPhone. I don’t see any significant new feature and interface between symbian^3 and old symbian s60.
    It would be a waste if you run an ancient OS in a high spec gadget, and in my opinion the price is a bit to high for such a phone.
    Wake up Nokia !!!

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