Skytunes for Android App for Portable Home Music

Yes folks that’s Skytunes not iTunes; and is for the Android platform not the iPhone. Skytunes is apparently a new application for Android which enables the user to listen to their home music on there Android handset from their computer.

Blake Stimac of Intomobile reports that although there are a few other alternative Android apps available, Skytunes is apparently the first app which was built using Adobe’s Air, which although may not mean much to the ordinary user might make enough difference for some to try out.

The Skytunes for Android app enables user to listen to their home PC music without the need to load the music onto your SD card. All you do is download the Skytunes Air based server to your PC and grab the Skytunes app from the Android Market and after set up you’re good to listen to your music on the go.

Apparently the Skytunes server works with Windows, Linux and Mac OSX and furthermore supports Android based tablets although you will require Android 2.2 Froyo or above to use the Skytunes app and will work over 3G so WiFi isn’t always necessary.

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