EZDecline Jailbreak App: I Want To Decline iPhone Calls

The is a new jailbreak app out there called EZDecline that will allow you to decline iPhone calls coming in, your iPhone is in locked mode and a call comes in and all you can do is either leave it or answer it by sliding to answer, well not anymore.

With EZDecline you can now “Decline” or “Answer”, this iPhone app basically adds new button options for you; priced at only $0.99 we say this is a bargain.

We know at the moment you can reject calls, well not reject more like stop the ringing by hitting the volume or power button once, the caller still thinks they are calling you but you have just silenced it.

We think this is a great jailbreak app and we would like to know if you think it is worth $0.99, please do let us know what you think.

Source – iDB


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