New Hybrid Logo for HP Palm Pops Up

Well here it is folks the new logo for HP Palm products which apparently was slipped out several days ago without so much as an announcement of any fanfare from either HP or Palm.

The new logo comes our way courtesy of an article over on Engadget by Laura June, which has appeared on the Palm Facebook page and Laura believes the new logo was outed round about the 18th of this month so looks like HP and Palm did a good job on keeping it quiet.

As you can see HP takes the lead in the new logo and can also be found heading up Palm’s website, so it’s proof that the Palm name will still be around in the mobile phone arena for some time yet, wonder why this isn’t used on the new Palm Pre 2?

So how do our readers feel about the HP Palm logo, do you like it or love it or would you have preferred something flashier and in your face to promote the HP Palm ventures? Feel free to shout out in our comments area below.

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