Even Mobile Phone Reviewers Make Bloopers: Video

So you think all those mobile phone reviewers out there are professional in their video reviews and aren’t like those that make mistakes seen in the TV blooper shows? Hardly, as you will see in the rather humorous video we have for your entertainment today.

The video shows just how easy it is for things to simply go wrong and shows that making that video review needs more than a single take as proved by Aaron Baker over at Phone Dog who we have to thank for this video.

The video in question is a compilation of the bloopers and out-takes that Aaron has made during making mobile phone reviews for Phone Dog and lasts almost four minutes; yes that’s a few bloopers Aaron.

So I’ll leave you to enjoy seeing Aaron make a right balls up of some of his reviews including the Googlie phone 2? But then again it has to be said even phone reviewers are human after all, anyone else got bloopers they’d like to share?…enjoy.

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