Apple Now 4th Biggest Handset Vendor Overtakes RIM BlackBerry

Well we all know that the iPhone maker Apple is out for total world domination of the mobile phone arena so it doesn’t come much as a surprise when its is announced that Apple is now the fourth largest mobile phone vendor according to the latest IDC report.

According to an article over on Engadget by Thomas Ricker, the new report now has Apple sitting in 4th place in their top five list of global handset vendors and means that Apple has now bested Research In Motion and overtake the BlackBerry giant.

The IDC figures not only collect smartphone shipments but mobile phone shipments as well, and well it’s no surprise that the top gun is still Nokia, although they did slip slightly from 36.5% down to 32.4% of the market since the same quarter a year previous.

The IDC report also claims that Android is having an effect on Nokia when it comes to smartphones, and apparently LG has seen a 10.1% drop in shipments since the same period a year previous and fell from 10.6% down to 8.3% market share worldwide.

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