White iPhone 4 Delay Spoofed on Video

Here we have a little rub in video footage for all those that have been waiting for the apparently cancelled white iPhone 4. A spoof video that says why you can’t have your paler than pale iPhone 4 and I have to admit is quite funny.

The white iPhone 4 spoof video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Pocket-lint and by way of Tech Crunch, which lasts almost three minutes of lambasting the white iPhone 4 and the reasons for its delay.

I have to say though that there are some racial overtones but have been done in fairly good taste, and the swearing has been bleeped over so shouldn’t be a problem.

The ending of the video is probably a little bit hard on the iPhone faithful who have been hanging on for the white iPhone 4, but it’s all in the name of a laugh at Apple anyway, so head on down mash that play button and enjoy.

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