White iPhone 4: Just How Difficult it is?

Let’s face it the prospect of there ever being a white iPhone 4 seems to be beyond the capabilities of Apple’s genius despite their promise back when they released the iPhone 4 that a white version would follow, and since then there’s been nothing but delay.

However, Steve Jack of Mac Daily News asks the question how hard is it to make a white iPhone 4? He says it’s understandable that there maybe some delays, but with Apple’s experience of pushing out differing colours of their iPods and Macs and even coming up with a white iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS it should be sorted fairly easily.

Delay has followed delay and recently the word was the white version would be again delayed until spring of 2011, this was followed by the word that Apple has cancelled the white iPhone 4, and then followed by the device being pulled from the Apple online store.

So what is so difficult about producing a white iPhone 4? Well the only thing that has basically come to light is manufacturing difficulties to do with the paint and making everything match perfectly. However we have already seen numerous DIY kits product a white iPhone 4.

So could someone tell me why it is these kit makers can get white parts for the iPhone and Apple can’t? One would have thought that if their manufacturer can’t get the job done Apple would have sourced someone else by now.

Thus the cancellation of the white iPhone 4 is basically a slap in the face to all those Apple loyal customers out there who have been waiting for the device to arrive on the back of Apple’s promises…Apple you have let your customers down.

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