CDMA iPhone Shipping December from Pegatron

More rumour hits the net waves today on the CDMA iPhone, or Verizon iPhone whichever you wish you call the device, but a CDMA iPhone is beginning to look more real than the white iPhone 4 which is rumoured to have been cancelled by Apple.

So onto this latest CDMA iPhone rumour, which comes our way courtesy of 9to5 Mac and by way of Digitimes, as you probably know Pegatron is said to be the maker of the CDMA Apple handset and apparently will ship ten million CDMA versions of the iPhone in 2011.

Furthermore apparently Pegatron has been installing new machinery and has hired some 10 thousand new employees to apparently “handle growing smartphone business” according to Jason Chang the CEO of Pegatron.

However the real news here if true is that “sources” have stated that Pegatron is to begin shipping the CDMA iPhone 4 at some point in December. So perhaps Apple has told Pegatron to start shipping due to the cancellation of the white iPhone 4?

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