Verizon Droid Pro Coming Minus Camera for Enterprise

If you work in a high security business you probably don’t want a camera on your smartphone, which is the usual with top secret companies although apparently fewer businesses impose the no camera phone regulation on employees these days.

However, according to an article over on Enagdget by Chris Ziegler there must still be a call for the camera-less smartphone in the enterprise sector as word is there is to be a Verizon Motorola Droid Pro minus its camera.

Evidence of the camera-less Droid Pro handset comes by way of a leaked shot that mentions “the new Enterprise-focused DROID phone without a camera,” which means this device will be the first Android handset to come minus its camera.

Apparently the source has said that they are “99 percent positive” that this is what this device is. Thus if this training doc proved to be the real deal Enterprise can look forward to the Motorola Droid Pro without camera coming to play in the not too distant future.

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