Crush The Castle Game for iPhone Walkthrough Video

If you are a gamer on the iPhone that enjoys simple strategy mobile games then Crush the Castle for the iPhone may be right up your street, and we have a video walkthrough of Crush the Castle for iPhone which can be viewed below.

The Crush the Castle game for iPhone video comes our way courtesy of Georgia over at TiPb and delivers just over three minutes of taking a look at this strategy game for the iPhone whereby the object of the game is to destroy constructions by using tabuchets which are big catapults.

The iPhone gamer can be the assaulting army and still build their own building and destroy those as well, so is a good game for those who love knocking things down. The game has an easy to use interface whereby the user taps the screen to launch the tabuchet and tap again to launch the ammunition.

Georgia does have a few pros and cons with Crush the Castle for iPhone, the pros being a simple concept with the ability to build your own fortress level and easy controls, while the cons are the user can’t see the tabuchet and target simultaneously, there is no projectile trail so repeating the same shot is somewhat difficult, and build level is difficult to use.

So with that said if you are contemplating picking up Crush the Castle for iPhone why not check out the video below before doing so just to see how things go…enjoy.

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