Ghost Hunters Haunted Location Finder App Review

Do you love to watch Ghost Hunters? Well we have found an iPhone app called ‘Ghost Hunters Haunted House Finder’; we prefer to call it ‘Location Finder’.

We prefer to call it location finder because it does not only show houses it also shows restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions and museums, this app contains over 100 haunted locations and is a great guide for you to keep taps on.

You will be able to find many locations now that have also been featured in the awesome episodes of Ghost Hunters, this iPhone app features a message board where you can leave messages for other ghost hunters to find when they visit a location.

Other features include the likes of checking with Foursquare right from the app, locations will be added automatically. We would love to hear from those who have this app installed already, please do send in your personal reviews as this will help other readers decide if they should download or not. Thanks

To install the app please visit iTunes or simply open up your App Store on your Apple iPhone and search for ‘Ghost Hunters Haunted House Finder’

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