Was Yours an Angry Birds Halloween?

The Angry Birds mobile game has become widely popular on multiple platforms such as the iPhone and Android, but it appears that Angry Birds isn’t just for the mobile gamer, but is also a costume for your Halloween get together.

According to an article over on Mobile Crunch, and by way of The Clock Blog apart from the mobile game of Angry Birds along with a line of plush toys there are now Angry Bird costumes being made by the public for that all important fancy dress party.

Now I know that the Angry Birds game on mobile phones has gone through the roof in popularity, and well kids will love the plush toys, but dressing up as an Angry Bird just seems kind of taking that popularity a tad too far.

So did you make an Angry Birds costume for your Halloween party, or perhaps you are currently working on constructing an Angry Birds costume for your Christmas party as the possibilities seem endless, Angry Birds orientated birthday party anyone?


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