Send Us Your Mobile Phone Halloween Costume Photos

Do you have a mobile phone? Did you wear a costume for Halloween last night? Did you take any photos via your mobile phone on this scary occasion? If the answer is yes to all these questions then please carry on reading.

We here at phonesreview.co.uk would love for you to email (mark@phonesreview.co.uk) us your pictures that you took via your handset last night, what costume did you wear that is well worth showing us?

There are a few reasons we are asking you to email (mark@phonesreview.co.uk) us your phone photos, reason number one is because we would love to see how cool and scary your costume is, reason number two allows us to see what quality camera your mobile phone has.


    1. Photos MUST be via a mobile phone
    2. Please let us know what make and model your mobile phone is within your email (mark@phonesreview.co.uk)
    3. You send in the photos knowing that they WILL be PUBLISHED online for all to see
    4. If parents or guardians decide to send pictures in of children they DO THIS UNDER THEIR OWN DISCRETION
    5. If you send in the photos we are not responsible and WILL NOT hold any responsibility
    6. We will resize all images to a certain size so all photos are exactly the same width and height
    7. We hold the right to publish or not, if we feel that the photo is not fit for publishing live we will not….

Now we got the boring rules out of the way (We have to do this sorry), please do send in your cool pictures via this email address — mark@phonesreview.co.uk

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