iPhone DST Problem: Are You Having Alarm Issues?

Ever since the clocks went back over the weekend many Apple iPhone customers have experienced problems, the iPhone DST problem or bug is causing the smartphones alarms to fail across Europe.

Switching from Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time is causing issues; we would love to know if you are having iPhone alarm problems.

Apparently according to sources iPhone alarms are buzzing off an hour later than normal, even though the Apple smartphone automatically changes the time the alarm seems to be still locked to Daylight Savings Time.

Apple knows about this bug and is sorting the problem out and hopefully should have a software fix update, this should have been sorted before the weekend to stop the problem ever happening.

Please do let us know if you have had any problems with your Apple iPhone alarm, all comments welcome below. Thanks

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114 thoughts on “iPhone DST Problem: Are You Having Alarm Issues?”

  1. Oh dear. Yes, I did. It was most bizarre. My alarm went off as normal and I was happily sitting eating my breakfast, watching the tv, not even noticing the actual time until the 8 o' clock news came! Then I realised I had lost an hour! My phone clock was correct. My phone alarm was correct. Very odd! I thought I'd been abuducted by aliens!

    I have since heard that the problem can be fixed by re-setting any alarms you have stored in your phone.

    1. Caroline says:

      I deleted all my alarms and reset them. I still have them going off an hour later. Ok on daily alarms though. My way round it so far is to set the alarm an hour behind

    2. A Girl Named Dub says:

      Well I'm in the US and sunday morning my alarm went off like normal but then monday morning it went off an hour earlier than the time it was set for….very odd. I then checked my alarm time and it was correct and the phone didn't go off at the time it was suppose to. But the really odd thing is I have 2 alarms set on my phone and the one in the morning goes off an hour early but the one I have set for the afternoon at 3:45pm goes off at the correct time….WHY????? I don't get it.

    3. Trystan says:

      Same here – 6 am alarm didnt go off till 7 am . Late for work!! Set it for 5 next day. It went at 5. Reset it to 6 and it went off at 7!!!! Late for work again!!!! Very frustrating and bizare!

    4. ferniejane says:

      I appear to have been able to 'fudge' my way around this problem. It appears that the at alarm clock does not like to work if you have the alarm repeating on 'weekdays'. If you set the alarm NOT to repeat the alarm will go off. Bizarre indeed. Role on the software solution!

  2. Rich says:

    Got the day off so didn't affect me too much. Pretty poor show for us in Europe seeing as the Antipodeans already flagged the issue. Will the North Americans have it fixed in time? More than likely….

  3. Homer says:

    Having this problem on a 3GS with iOS4 installed. Only way to fix at the moment seems to be to set a none repeating alarm every evening.
    This is an utterly ridiculous bug to have in such a widely used device – I hope Microsoft, Android and Blackberry make the most of the opportunity to take the p*ss !
    Why on earth hasn't there been an uproar already from the Australians when it happened to them ?? Not good enough

  4. Gary Loughnane says:

    Yep had that problem this morning, and was close to being late for work, Was not best pleased! Just baffled me when I checked the phone and everything appeared ok, strange! Hope they get the bug fix out soon.

    1. Lee says:

      Mine went off an hour early! So I deleted it and set a new alarm ~ which didn't go off at all!!!

      Luckily my husband rang my phone and that woke me up and started a massive panic so as not to be late for work!

  5. Purdie Bird says:

    Yup, I had this very problem this morning – luckily my husband is working away and sent a “good morning” text about 10 minutes after I SHOULD have been woken by my alarm, but if he hadn’t done that I fear I would’ve been very late for work thanks to this “blip”! I thought I was going mad, glad to see it’s simply a bug… roll on the fix!

  6. Paul says:

    Funny thing is that I am in Eastern Standard time (EST) and my alarm went off an hour early on Nov 1 and our DST does not change until next weekend. I guess I will need to re-build my alarms today and next Sunday.

    1. iPhoneAddict2 says:

      Me too! I'm in Central time and my alarm went off an hour early but the clock didn't change!
      Haven't yet figured out how to avoid it. I synced my phone and updated it and now none of my alarms work ;(

    2. MTL says:

      I'm in Atlanta (EST) and my two daily alarms are both going off an hour early. I wonder if they'll fix themselves when the time changes this weekend?

  7. Jai says:

    I have many alarms set on iphone at moment to remind me when tablets need taking. All went off an hour late but could have been worse. At least it's a consistent bug and I did have pre warning before I the alarm was need for work unlike many others who late for work today! Sort it please Apple

    1. A Girl Named Dub says:

      Yes, I live in Michigan and my alarm went off an hour early. But the odd thing is I have my alarm set for 4:45am and it goes off at 3:34am but I also have an alarm for the afternoon set for 3:45pm and it goes off at the correct time. Hmmmm?????

  8. Ali B. says:

    I live in the Midwest, Central Time and Daylight Savings has not ended until November 7th. I am still having problems with my alarm on my iPhone 3GS. Not sure why because we havent set our clocks back. It ended up going off an hour earlier rather than an hour later.

  9. Bill says:

    I actually had the opposite effect the last two days – my alarm is going off an hour EARLY. Set for 6am today and it goes off at 5am. Better than being late but still awful. East coast of U.S.

  10. Aaron says:

    I am on the east coast of the US and I had the hour earlier problem. Checked the alarm settings and went back to sleep, then got up 2 hours late. Been playing with the alarm all day and can get it to consitantly repeat the issue. Very strange. I am sure Apple will tell us that we set the alarm wrong.

  11. Jennie says:

    I was late for work this morning as my alarms failed to go off at the set time. they did however go off an hour later. I have tried to rest them but they still don't work. This is my primary alarm clock so not at all happy x

  12. Michele says:

    I live in California, my time zone is set to "Cupertino", and Time Zone Support is on. I have a 3GS with iOS 4. This morning, my alarm went off an hour early. I have since done a little bit of testing & here's what I found:

    A non-repeating alarm goes off at the corrrect time.
    An alarm set to repeat "everyday" goes off an hour early.
    An alarm set to repeat "every weekday" goes off at the correct time.

    Hope that helps. (It will be interesting to see what happens next weekend when we switch back to Standard Time!)

    1. Cheets says:

      I've discovered the same thing. I'm in the same time zone as you and with the same phone/OS. I had an alarm set to repeat everyday and it went off early (this happened twice). I was concerned that that would happen to my "every weekday" alarm, so I set another alarm as a back up, but that one went off at the correct time.

  13. julie says:

    I had this problem this morning and I still have it.
    I had my alarm set on weekday repeater for 5.30 am.
    My I-phone updated the time itself – and I know this was definately correct.

    This morning my alarm did not go off and I couldnt understand it. But as I was getting ready, the repeater alarm i set for 5.30 went off at 6.30.

    I then tested it and put on the repeater alarm for 6.35 and it didnt go off until 7.35, even though phone time says 6.35??

    If I set the alarm as a one off, it worked fine. I deleted the alarms, turned phone off and back on. I still have same problem??

    I will have to set my alarm for 4.30 so it will wake me up at 5.30 when I want it to!!!

  14. comet_jockey says:

    My alarms have been an hour late as experienced by many others. I am absoluely disgusted that Apple knew about this and did not fix it. The iphone is my first Apple purchase and will be my last. Android for me soon.. This is a very arrogant attitude by Apple. Get your developers working 24/7 to fix this!!!!

  15. Caroline says:

    Yes, since the clocks went back, my phone says the correct time and the alarms are set at the correct time yet all the repeating/recurring alarms set all go off one hour late (the one off alarm goes off at the correct time). Have tried (soft reset) and deleting and resetting the alarms but nothing is working. I have now set all my alarms one hour early so that they go off at the intended time!! NOT IMPRESSED apple!! Hope they come up with a fix very soon!!

  16. Brooke says:

    I live in Sydney and my alarm has gone off 1 hour early the past 2 days. Very annoying as I turned it off expecting my real alarm to go off an hour later which it didn’t! Late to work the first day it happened. Not happy Apple!! Fix it!

    1. Jake says:

      had same problem alarm goin off 1 hr early. Delete and reset your alarm. It would not work when I checked off every day but when I only checked 6 days of the week it works fine. Hope this helps.

  17. phil Dent says:

    Same for me. Have reset alarms and even reset the time manually on the phon e all to no effect. Will be setting my alarms an hour early to "compensate" for Apple's foul-up.

    Does anyone know when the fix will be out?

  18. Christian says:

    Also having an issue since time change last Sunday.

    A single day or everyday alarm works 100 %, chosing e.g. only weekdays (Mon-Fri) and no alarm at all is coming up!

  19. Nikki says:

    Mine has done it two days in a row – just changed clock back to manual and then automatic again in my settings and tested alarm and now working fine!

  20. Dimitri says:

    Same issue here… Pretty poor. Apple are starting to perform like Microsoft. Silly bugs all the time… I guess the tables are turning. It comes with the territory.

  21. Stefan says:

    I have the same problems tow.

    Hope they fix this because I over slept yesterday. Today I had just one alarm set so it was fine! But now testing again with multiple alarms is goes wrong again.

  22. Richiemccafff says:

    Iv slept in the last two days as my alarms went off a hour late Iv deleted my set a alarm and added a new won and it’s still goin off late if this keeps happenin I can see my self sacked lol not sure if it’s been the clocks goin back coz I updated my phone the nyt the clocks went back

  23. borncynic says:

    My alarms all went off an hour early for the past two days. I was told to update my system. I did so and Itunes said my system was current. Still – All alarms went off an early. If you set a single alarm for one day, it will work. Multiple days won't. Please tell me they're fixing this!!!!!!! I've only had this phone for two weeks. Not happy at all.

  24. Whitney says:

    This has been happening to me too, in San Antonio! Yestrday it went off an hour early and I thought my brain was still asleep and couldn't read the clock correctly or that I'd missed daylight savings time in CST! Same thing happened this morning as well. What a stupidly annoying bug to have!

  25. Jenna says:

    I have been having the same problem!! My alarm is set correctly on my phone, and the time on my phone is accurate yet my alarm goes off at 7am when it is supposed to go off at 8am. Not a huge deal just setting my alarms an hour later fixed the time issue..just annoying.

  26. Pam Artis says:

    my alarm has gone off an hour early Nov. 1 and Nov. second — set for 6:30 a.m. and going off at 5:30 a.m. Clock time is correct. This is very aggravating.

  27. Landon says:

    Yup, southern california, Iphone 3GS. last two days going off 1 hour early. This is like when everyone was worried about Y2K except for Apple users? That's funny. For Shame Apple Inc. … What happened to the quality and care put into their products, it's not like it's a 3rd party app.

  28. Jess says:

    My alarm did not go off at all, the clock is right but it did not even just go off an hour late. I have tried re-setting it but the only way I can get it to work is if I set it each night and do not have it set to repeat week days. It seems that if it is set to repeat it just doesn't work at all. This has only happened since the clocks went back.

  29. SL says:

    Yes, my iPhpne alarm went off an our late. Was v. late at the office. I live in Russia and had this problem for two days in a row. We had switched to BST last w.e.

  30. Elizabeth says:

    Everyone with an iPhone here that syncs with their Outlook calendar has an issue with all appointments being advanced an hour…funny thing is, the time change isn't until NOVEMBER 7, 2010…
    Someone got this wrong somewhere.

  31. Psi says:

    I’m a first time iPhone user having the iPhone4 & I use schedule alarms for different days so it has really wound me up. Can’t believe on such a there is such a problem, disappointed.

  32. anang says:

    Apple used to take jives at Microsoft, but now Apple is the stupid Idiot !!! To make it worse they do not comment on the situation, and the fix comes in 4.2, whenver that is. The old Nokias with the B/W screens are better than this bizzaro phone !!! It is not even a phone anymore … there is no mesage for SILENT when it is set to silent, and now the alarm is crapping out as well.

  33. Paul says:

    I had a friend over from Ireland he was flying back at 8 in the morning set both our alarms for 6.45 woke us both at 7.45 he missed his flight and cost him the price of another flight not good enough apple

  34. Blake says:

    Yes the past two mornings my alarm has gone off an hour early. The clock and alarm times are correct, but going off at wrong time This is becoming very irritating!!!

  35. Andrew says:

    Problems here to. In the UK and repeat alarms failed to sound at all. Late for work and now cant trust iPhone alarms I was thinking about moving to Android. This has finalised my decision.

  36. Emma says:

    I'm in the UK and even though I have removed and re-set all my alarms, they are still going off an hour late. I have no had to resort to setting them for an hour earlier. So annoying, especially as the iPhone is supposed to be the be-all and end-all of mobile communication… I never had this problem when my Nokia changed to Daylight Savings automatically…

  37. Elizabeth in Germany says:

    Homer is right, I figured out the only way it will work right is to set a non-repeating alarm or set your repeating alarm for an hour before so it will go off at the right time. My husband was late to work on Monday because of it, and almost again yesterday because he had tested it Monday night just for the next minute to see if it would work, and it did, so he set his normal repeating alarm and of course it didn't work right in the morning. It's then I played around with mine and figured out the whole repeating problem. I hope this gets fixed sooN!

  38. Qaiser says:

    Yes, i am also facing this issue. Called apple Guys up, Waited for 10 mins on hold (listening to stupid music) and then the support guy told me to change my time zone from london,UK to Canada as its not a DST country.
    i hope we get it fixed soon.

  39. Funny enough, it's happened on my iPhone, but not my wife's. So I guess I'll be using her alarm clock app for my own alarm until a fix comes along. Sorry everyone's suffering through this, but it's nice to know I'm not alone.

  40. stuart derbyshire says:

    My boss didn't beleive me my iphone alarm went off an hour late, that was until his boss came in late and said the same…. slightly annoying i just set it an hour early until i could answers!!!


  41. Kathy says:

    I live in Waco, TX and my alarm started ringing exactly 1 hour earlier than it was set for. This started on Monday Nov. 1. It rang at 4:35 am when I had it set for 5:35 and I went back to sleep and was almost late for work. Went to AT&T. Said Apple was working on it. This morning it is still ringing 1 hour before it is set to go off! What 's the deal!

  42. Hoppers says:

    Sounds like Apple are failing in their pre release testing to me, funny how Apple used to make such significant capital out of Microsoft doing exactly that. What with the monumental blunder with the Iphone 4 aerial/attenuation issue and now this issue which has brought a high level of critisism all over, you'd think that Apple would get their act together, my other phone, HTC Android has had no issues at all since my company issued me with it and some of the apps and options leave the Iphone in the dark ages.

    Come on Apple, regain the initiative here please!

  43. Nicky says:

    Thank god… I thought my Fone was broken!!! I am having this problem but my husband who also has iPhone 4 is not. The alarm will work if I set a one off alarm, but if I have multiple day alarm it goes off one hour late even tho my Fone updated and is set to correct time. I have tried everything, deleting all alarms and re instating. Re setting time manually. Re setting Fone, but my Fone is just stuck to an hour later than the time it displays. So glad it’s not just me… But it needs sorting… And soon!! 🙁

  44. Ryan L says:

    I just experienced the alarm bug in Pennsylvania. I had my alarms set to go off starting at 5am and they began going off at 4am. I don’t know any other reason why they would be going off so early. I decided to google the problem and found this page.

  45. Terry B says:

    Currently ın Istanbul and my alarm ıs going off 1 hr later since Sunday. Strange thing though, deleııng and recreatıng the alarm dıdn,t fıx ıt

  46. Hollie says:

    I live in the UK, and I’ve had to set my alarm for 5 just so it will go off at six. Luckily I noticed it was doing this at the weekend so it’s not made me late or anything.

  47. Amelia says:

    I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this- I thought I was going crazy! I always keep my phone alarm set to go off at 6:30am and 7:00am (as a back-up) and for the past 3 nights it has been going off at 5:18am and 5:40am and with my instinct to turn it off and wait for my usual alarm to go off, I've ended up sleeping in since my usual alarms NEVER went off. I've been late for work all week. Very bummed about this, I feel I can't rely on my iphone anymore now.

  48. Ammar says:

    yes, twice ive woken up to find i only have 20 mins to get to a lecture as alarm didnt go off. Thought deleting the alarm and re setting would be fine but its not. Supposedly having it as 'never' repeating does the trick until they fix it

  49. Stephen sales says:

    Every alarm on my phone is an hour late and I’ve been late for work twice this week I wonder if apple will pay me back the wages I have lost. I’ve even tried deleteing and resetting but it’s no good the alarms are all an hour late

  50. rugnsarge says:

    i have an iphone 3gs and my partner has the 3g both with the o.s.4.1 and it happened to both of us! it made us late for work the first day then i thought switching my phone on and off that night would sort it out but no! we woke up to the alarm an hour later with sunlight instead of a dark miserable morning. We have delted all existing alarms and set new ones HOWEVER this still doesnt work to so i've had to set my alarms an hour earlier – ridiculous!!!

  51. Militantrubberducky says:

    I live in Florida, US, and my alarm keeps going off an hour earlier. I too tried to delete all my alarms and put new ones in, to no avail. New alarms, daily ones, doesn’t matter. This is quite annoying; also, isn’t DST scheduled for Nov 7th?

  52. Lane says:

    I have an iPhone 3 and didn’t pay a ton of attention to the emails and news broadcasts about the problem since they said they would only effect 4s. This morning, my alarms went off an hour late. Luckily, the time change has no effect on my dog who happily woke me up at 6 (luckily!!) this really is bizarre! When will it be fixed? You would think they would have thought of this before!

  53. Joanna says:

    I thought I was going mad!? I re-checked the time, alarms and it still didn't work. Then I heard on the news about all the unhappy iPhone users with this problem. I removed all alarms and re-entered – still didn't work and was late getting up this morning as been on holiday! I hope they come up with a fix soon as this is most annoying. Other than that really happy with the phone etc.

  54. Hi I am in the Maasai mara Kenya, it was a bitter pile to take,
    Walking checking tents and I put on music then after the first song was over I try to change it then my Iphone went blank to date I have try my support in Kenya no luck, I really do not know what to do,
    I had connected to my Macbook to see if it will correct its self still no luck,
    Any can help me please

    Jackson Looseyia

  55. Francine says:

    My time zone GMT, my alarm goes off an hour late since the clocks went back on 31st October so I have been restting everyday. This morning my alarm didnt go off at all. The alarm was set for 6.15 am. When I eventually woke my iphone said it was Sunday the 7th November and 4 hours behind the actual time??? Has anyone else had this?

  56. Andy Pollard says:

    My Iphone 3GS os4.1 reset date and time to November 7th this morning, November 10th!! In the UK and many people reporting date time changes much greater than a 1 hour difference.

  57. Kelsey says:

    It is now January 1st and my alarm is not working. a good 2 months after the time change. I have reset m y phone and still nothing. I dont know what to do. Everything else on the phone works completely fine, and it shows the correct time, but it will not go off. I have the Iphone 4.

  58. Sheldon says:

    anyone having problem with your phone going off even repeatedly even though your alarm is not set? It's been happening to me the last couple of days.

  59. Janet says:

    My phone did the opposite thing – my alarm is set for 5:30 a.m. weekdays and the last two mornings it has gone off at 4:30 a.m. Just like the others, the time is correct. Also, the alarm times appear to be correct. For now, I have turned off my phone and restarted it, deleted all the alarms and then re-entered them. I am REALLY hoping my alarm does not go off at 4:30 tomorrow morning!

  60. Rob says:

    Saame issue and its driving me nuts. After DST on sunday its obviously havinv the reverse effect. Alarm set for 7am, woke me up at 6! Im tempted to go update the iphone software see if that helps… But im tired!

  61. Ray says:

    My gf having the same problem. Set for 7 .. goes off at 6.
    I've told her to set it for 8 so it wakes her up at 7 .. until the issue is resolved!

  62. Lauren says:

    My alarm won't go off at the correct time, three times it has gone off an hour earlier than required, I have deleted all alarms set in the past and reset three new ones, non of them work, I am terrified to go back to sleep when they go off incase I sleep through

  63. Kevinpscott43 says:

    My new IOS 5 software upgrade to my I phone 4 is cauesing an alarm to go off at 4am?  I have no alarm set for this and cannot find anything that has an alarm for this. I did have a 9am alarm set to wake up, The time is set correctly. I cannot find why this is happening 3 days in a row.

  64. Mhatherly says:

    my problem is a little different, on the 31st october my clock does not went one hour back i tried to set it manually every thing can be set but as soon you go in the clock setting the iphone freeze.
    you have to take the battery out to switch off the phone.

    Any clue please??

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