VLC iPhone App May Be Removed from Apple Application Store

It would appear that there is some controversy over the VLC application for iPhone and the iPad which may see the video playing application removed from the Apple App Store due to copyright infringement.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Kelly Hodgkins, and by way of the guys over at Mac Stories, Remi Denis-Courmont, the VLC developer has confirmed that Videolan has sent a notice of copyright infringement to Apple concerning the VLC app.

Apparently the copyright infringement notice covers the method of DRM based distribution by the App Store along with the Store’s “restrictive terms and conditions.” This is because VLC happens to be distributed under the GNU General Public License which is open source that does not allow iTunes restrictive policies and thus Apple is in violation of the General Public License, thus Videolan was compelled to notify Apple of this.

Therefore it is expected by Videolan that Apple will remove the VLC iPhone and iPad app from the iTunes App Store. VLC developer Denis-Courmont was quick to point out that he is not to blame for the situation as the VLC application was published and ported to the App Store via app developer Applidium.

On checking today the VLC app for iPhone and iPad is still available to download for free from iTunes, but if you want the application you’d better get a move on before Apple pulls it.


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  1. the new version of VLC is even more buggy then the first version. Mine stop playing any video after ~10 minutes.

    It is a great apps but needs works. Now I use CineXplayer, better video quality and does not freeze after 10 minutes.

    Reading directly avi files on the ipad is such a great thing!

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