Sony PlayStation Phone or iPhone for Gaming?

With the suspected Sony PlayStation Phone which will apparently be know as the Zeus on the horizon along with a rumoured dedicated market for PlayStation Phone games, will all this pull mobile gamers away from playing games on the iPhone?

Apple’s App Store is currently the dominant when it comes to grabbing mobile games for the iPhone, while the Android Market offers mobile games for Android devices so would presumably offer games for the Zeus, but with the possibility of the new Sony PlayStation phone coming out to play at some stage it could be quite a threat to other smartphones and mobile gaming.

Yes people love to play games on their iPhone and other smartphones and no doubt there will always be a call for games for the smartphone arena, but if or as rumour has it when the Sony PlayStation phone comes out, it will possibly offer a much better gaming experience due to Sony’s knowledge in the PlayStation gaming arena.

So the thing is this, would a Sony PlayStation dedicated games market pull developers from the iPhone and would people purchase the Sony PlayStation phone purely so they could play games on a device that carries the PlayStation brand, or would you stick with the iPhone and getting your games from the App Store?


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