Sony PlayStation Phone Detailed and Poses for Pictures

More images and details have emerged on the new gaming phone doing the rounds, the Sony PlayStation phone, and well it’s always nice to glean some new pictures and details on a device many still believe doesn’t exist.

The guys over at Engadget have been sent the new Sony PlayStation Phone images and they have a gallery which you can check out by hitting up their website. Now as for those details, apparently the new device does have the codename “Zeus” and will run Android 2.2, but apparently there are numerous versions of the device running differing Android version and at least one with Android 3.0.

However the guys do stipulate that based on their knowledge the PlayStation phone will not ship with Android 2.2 Froyo onboard, but they are working with various Android OS versions, so anything is possible.

Apparently the PlayStation phone will sport a minimum of 512MB internal storage and will have an 8GB microSD card aboard. Lastly they surmise that the Sony PlayStation phone is roughly 17mm thick making the device just thicker than say the HTC Tough Pro 2, but apparently the design looks more like a BlackBerry than a Sony Ericsson device.


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