Is Nokia N8 the New Movie Making Tool? Videos

No doubt most have viewed the new movie entirely shot by the Nokia N8, The Commuter, but is the Nokia N8 turning into the preferred tool of film and video makers? What we have for your viewing pleasure today is another Nokia production.

As you know, The Commuter was shot with no other camera other than the Nokia N8 and now we have another video which was also shot using the Nokia N8. The video is some behind the scenes footage of the making of spooky music video “Won’t be Long” by Drums of Death courtesy of The Nokia Review.

Electro-punk band Drums of Death’s “Won’t be Long” is currently available from Greco-Roam Music, and in the first video we see how they made the video using the Nokia N8 smartphone which is just right for this time of year being Halloween.

We also have the final video of Drums of Death “Won’t be Long” for your viewing pleasure just to see how the video actually turned out using the Nokia in the end. So that’s The Commuter and also “Won’t be Long” so is the Nokia N8 becoming the new movie making tool?

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