Android App Secret SMS Replicator Banned by Google

Being the Android Market is open and enabled Android developers to basically deliver any app to the Android faithful, it’s not too often you hear that Google has jumped on a particular application and give it the order of the boot.

However according to an article over on the Boy Genius Report by Zach Epstein, and by way of Switched, Google has kicked an application which was launched this week on the Android Market by mobile developer DLP Mobile, the reason being is their app actually enabled users to spy on SMS messages.

The app called Secret SMS Replicator covertly and automatically forwards SMS messages from a host handset to their owner of the app’s mobile phone, and naturally Google slapped a ban on the app stating the app “violates the Android Market Content Policy.”

Apparently the developer intended to originally submit the app to the Apple App Store for the iPhone, but didn’t think Apple would approve the covert application. Obviously they were correct in their assumption and thought that Android would be an easier target, and some would question Google’s ban on the grounds of Android being open, but let’s face it is there really any need for such an app? Promo for the SMS Secret Replicator app can be viewed below.


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