Verizon iPhone Confirmed, Believe it?

Let’s face it, the Verizon iPhone has to be the most rumoured smartphone in the history of mobile phones, barely a day goes by without some speculation that the iPhone will end up on the Verizon network sooner or later with any and all mentions quickly hitting the net waves.

Well here’s another for you, according to an article over on the Boy Genius Report by Andrew Munchbach, Fortune has now confirmed that the Verizon iPhone will be released early in 2011.

So there you go, not more need for any speculation is there? Well maybe, as I don’t actually see a quote from Apple stating that Verizon will gain the CDMA iPhone early in 2011, and well if Apple doesn’t say anything then basically it’s still in the land of make believe.

Besides didn’t everyone also believe that the white iPhone 4 was going to show up before the year was out? Just goes to show that unless it comes straight from the horse’s mouth itself you can’t take anything for granted, and even then it can always change until such times as we actually see a Verizon branded iPhone.

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