Use Your Jailbroken iPhone As A Desk

Finding your iPhone display a tad on the small size to use? Well if you are an iPhone fanatic you could soon have a 58 inch iPhone desk with Table Connect for iPhone, which basically connects your iPhone to a 58 inch multi-touch surface such as the desk pictured.

According to an article over on Engadget by Darren Murph, and by way of iPhone Table blogspot, the user connects their iPhone 4 through a 30 pin dock connector and bingo the desk becomes your iPhone, although your iPhone does need to be jailbroken apparently.

Apparently the Table Connect app for iPhone guys are wrapping up an alpha software release and will be compatible with iOS4, iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS.

No word on when the iPhone app will eventually go on sale or how much it would cost, but for any of the iPhone faithful out there it simply has to be cool to have a 58 inch iPhone sitting in your room. So anyone hoping to grab this app when it hits so they can impress their friends?


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