RaceMate: Marine Corps Marathon App for iPhone

RaceMate version 2.1 for the iPhone is a major update to the original RaceMate Marine Corps Marathon iPhone application and is a free upgrade to all iPhone users who purchased the original app and is intended for your race day usage.

RaceMate: Marine Corps Marathon for iPhone v2.1 now delivers major new features such as Split Times, whereby the user can see the official 5k split times for every tracked friend; Friends Connect enabling the user to locate friends and add them and view where they are on the course map in real time; and Power Save which means your iPhone will still broadcast a runners location even when the device is in screen lock mode.

Other features of RaceMate: Marine Corps Marathon for iPhone include increased legibility of mile markers in Live Map view, in-app posting to Facebook and Twitter, added ’My Location’ button to Live Map view, friends list shows timestamp of last GPS update, and much more.

Those wishing to purchase the RaceMate: Marine Corps Marathon iPhone app and do so by hitting up iTunes and downloading the application to their iPhone at a cost of $1.99, but remember if you already have the original version installed upgrading will be free.


One thought on “RaceMate: Marine Corps Marathon App for iPhone”

  1. Debbie says:

    App didn't work for the entire race. My phone was running the most current OS and the app was fully updated. Their servers couldn't handle the traffic. Literally the biggest waste of $2 ever.

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