World’s First Floating Mobile Phone from Dragons Den Jones

One would have thought that someone would have come up with a mobile phone that could actually float before, but apparently not, well that is until Dragons Den entrepreneur Peter Jones came up with a mobile phone which is called the Tradesman.

According to an article over on the Guardian, Jones’ company Data Select will deliver 3 mobile phone models under the Toughphone brand this week with the Tradesman handset being promoted at the World’s first floating phone.

Apparently the Tradesman phone will be targeting towards outdoor trades such as building sites while Jones would like the device to eventually be targeted towards sporting people.

Jones has said, “These phones are not just suitable for tough working conditions, they’re also ideal for people who lead outdoor lifestyles such as mountain climbing, skiing and sailing.”

Approximately to date 50,000 toughphones have been sold although Jones believes the market could expand to 250,000 handsets, and also says that the handsets would be just as good and convenient for people out on the town or for those who drop their handsets in inconvenient places.


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