BlackBerry Bold 9700 Unofficial OS Available.

For those who own a BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone and been patiently waiting for RIM’s new operating system BlackBerry 6 OS to hit their device, you may like to know there is a leaked version available for download.

According to an article over on BBLeaks, today a leaked version of OS has become available for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 handset and they say this version should be a “pretty decent build.”

If you want to grab this unofficial OS for your BlackBerry Bold 9700 you can do so by hitting up their website where they offer several download links for you to grab the operating system.

However, as this is an unofficial operating system leak for the BlackBerry Bold 9700 our usually disclaimer applies and you download and install OS onto your device at your own risk.


5 thoughts on “BlackBerry Bold 9700 Unofficial OS Available.”

  1. Ahmeto says:

    I've been trying 9700 v6.0 for 2 days
    every thing works fine except:
    1) unable to downgrade the existing appworld to which works on wifi in unsupported countries
    2) The COPY and PASTE option in the contacts fields doesn't exist
    (when you edit a contact) you can select the text using the ALT + trackpad but you cant do a copy nor a paste
    3) IN the BBM if you scroll in up or down in a conversation you can copy any line from the conversation, yet there is no cursor that indicates on which line you are standing which makes it impossible to track the times of the conversation line by line
    4) The old Alert Files are gone and new few alerts exist which makes it hard to assign alerts to multiple emails and social networking programs and IMs

    other than that everything runs smoothly, battery life is the same as
    WIFI strength is significantly better. the OS uses much more of your build in device memory allowing you with around 70 megs of free space for applications and stuff

    The OS needs more tweaking to evolve into the ultimate BB OS. and this will happen consequently.


    1. Randhawa says:

      hey man. if u want to solve the downgrading app world issue, start over with the os installation and uncheck bb appworld in the applications tab

      besides that, people with a t mobile 9700 will have a problem with a black and white screen which gets stuck a lot after rebooting. for this, u need to uninstall the t-mobile_theme cods, there are 2 of them. do this either before installing the os or if u already have then use BBSAK to uninstall

      Good Luck with the upgrade, its sure worth it

    2. Moe Kaddas says:

      Exactly the same things I have encountered, when I upgraded my 9700. so I had no option except going back to I loved the OS 6, it looks fantastic, yet the three points you mentioned above, did not suite me. which made me go back to the previous one.

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