UPDATE: Symbian RIP, SYMBEOSE Born: Do you like name?

Everyone knows the name ‘Symbian’ but nobody knows the name ‘SYMBEOSE’, well the latest news reports that Symbian is now dead so RIP but a new name has been born aka SYMBEOSE.

SYMBEOSE aka Symbian the Embedded Operating System for Europe (Oh what a name), this is going to take some getting used too after all the years of calling it Symbian, but then again it is like all name changes for example the bank called Abbey now known as Santander, everyone still calls it Abbey and we will still call it Symbian.

Sony Ericsson and Samsung pulled out in the end of Symbian and then money started to dry up and no one would come forward and help stabilize financially until the EU’s Artemis Joint Technology Initiative got involved, the EU has funded 22-million Euro’s and SYMBEOSE is now made up of 24 organizations from 8 different countries.

The question is “Is the platform system worth keeping seeing as it is a dead duck in on dry land?” The reason we ask this is because Nokia has always used the Symbian platform so why didn’t they help them unless new Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has another platform in mind, you know like going full at it with MeeGo.

Please let us know if you like the new name SYMBEOSE, please answer in the comments area provided below.

Source – Mobile Business Briefing via IntoMobile

UPDATE: We had an email sent in today updating the above article, the email says:

We wanted to get in touch with you, as we feel there has been some confusion around your Symbian story on its funding and would want to know the facts to clear this up.

This is by no means a replacement for the Symbian Foundation, meaning Symbian certainly isn’t dead. This is a consortium, which the Symbian Foundation is simply leading, set up to execute some specific, discrete projects with objectives for enhancing the platform. Symbian continues to exist and hasn’t become SYMBEOSE — they are two separate things.

You’ll also notice that the guys at Into Mobile, who you quote as your source, have amended their story accordingly.

Also, it’s worth pointing out that the €22m doesn’t all come from the EC. The EC has granted €11m and this figure is being matched by the organisations in the consortium — that’s where €22m comes from.

Obviously I wouldn’t get in touch unless it was a factual issue, so I thought you would want to know this. Apologies if there was any ambiguity before, but Symbian carries on, as does the new SYMBEOSE initiative.

Symbian also updated its blog post announcing this news in the comments section to help clear up any inaccuracies – http://blog.symbian.org/2010/11/01/euromillions-for-the-symbian-ecosystem-e22m-committed-to-next-generation-technologies-for-symbian/

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