Android LG enV Pro Dumped by Verizon?

Apparently the user manual for the Android packing LG enV Pro QWERTY clamshell smartphone has found its way out onto the net waves, but basically there’s no real point in the user manual being leaked as rumour has it that this device has been consigned to the mobile graveyard.

According to an article over on Engadget by Chris Ziegler and by way of Android-life, Android and Me is reporting that it looks like the Big Red has now pulled the LG enV Pro from their launch roadmap.

Word has it the reason Verizon has given the order of the boot to the LG enV Pro is lack of ability to “Wow” the people who are testing the device, so it looks like the dual-screen smartphone is heading for that mobile grave.

However, the LG enV Pro was due launch on the 11th of this month, so perhaps Verizon and LG have pulled the device so they can slap a bit more wow factor to it, then again will anyone really care if the device does just sink into the realms of a might have been smartphone?

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