HTC EVO 4G Sprint Accessories: HDMI Dock Review

If you own the Sprint HTC EVO 4G and looking for accessories to accompany it then please read on about the HDMI Dock that is now available via the Sprint Online Store for $39.99.

The HDMI Dock for the HTC EVO 4G has finally made its way to the Sprint Store; the dock comes with a 6-foot HDMI cable, which is a nice touch.

The only downside to this dock is that if your EVO 4G smartphone is housed in a case you will have to remove it because the phone has to be naked to house in the dock, the dock is still very nice to own and can see it being very popular.

The dock allows you to connect to an external screen like a television or computer via the provided HDMI cable and once this is done you can project images and video from your smartphone to the source, it will also charge your device as well.

Please visit Good and Evo for a mini-review, and of course if you already own this accessory please send in your personal reviews.

Source – Engadget

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