iPhone Maybe King But 10 Phones are Better

Apple’s iPhone has for some considerable time been known as king of the hill when it comes to smartphones, but although the iPhone is somewhat impressive there are other smartphones out there in the mobile arena that beat the iPhone.

Well that’s according to an article over on Tech.UK by Rob Clymo, who has comes up with a list of ten smartphones that beat the iPhone in his view, so here’s what that 10 phone list consists of…

First up is the Symbian^3 Nokia N8, which apparently beats the iPhone because of the Nokia N8 12 megapixel camera, Carl Zeiss lens, HD video recording and built-in video editing software along with free OVI Maps. With this one I’m sitting on the fence, but the N8 does offer good video performance judging by the recent movie.

Then comes the new HTC HD7 smartphone which again beats the iPhone because it sports a large display that “runs like a dream” and the new Windows Phone 7 platform and will appear to PC users that like the look of their normal desktop. Not too sure I agree but then Windows Phone 7 is still in its infancy.

Next is the Samsung Galaxy S, which beats the iPhone with its larger Super AMOLED display, Gorilla Glass, and being lightweight. I have to agree here and you can view my views on this one by hitting up (here)

Next we have the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Mini which beats the iPhone because basically its size, a tiny handset that easily fits in the pocket and also runs the Android platform and expandable up to 16GB. Again on the fence with the X10 Mini as I’m not really a lover of small phones.

The comes the latest RIM device, the BlackBerry Torch 9800, which apparently beats the iPhone due to its full QWERTY physical keyboard combined with a touch screen, and although being somewhat on the bulky side if a tough handset. I’m not too sure about this one, BlackBerry handset I’ve always seen more as a business phone while the iPhone is better for the normal consumer in my opinion.

Next sits the Palm Pre Plus which beats the iPhone because it “stands out from the crowd” with its quirky looks, slide out QWERTY and webOS. Have to say I don’t agree here, the Palm smartphone haven’t really done too well for Palm, but maybe now with HP they can push out something better.

Now we have the Nokia X6 beating the iPhone because the user gets to listen to music for free and no iTunes constraints, along with 32GB of storage and is an “entertainment-on-the-go” handset. Ok I’ll give it to the Nokia X6 on the music grounds and is better for those that listen to music a great deal.

Then there is the Dell Streak an iPhone beater due to being more like a hand sized tablet while having the ability to make calls and packs 2 cameras. The Dell Streak is a bit of a conundrum to me as it seems it can’t make its mind up whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, but I guess does offer both experiences in one device.

Almost done we have the Google Nexus One which beats the iPhone as it’s the forerunner to the HTC Desire and has an excellent look and build quality and overall usability, and also being an Android device. Have to slightly disagree with this one, although it is an Android device, the Nexus One basically failed due to Google’s way of getting the device out into the mobile space.

Finally we have the HTC Desire HD an iPhone beater because the HTC Desire HD is an all-round entertainment system on the Android platform with a 1GHz processor, cinematic screen, HTC Sense and the ability to wipe the device online if stolen or lost. Yeah okay you got me with the HTC Desire HD as this device is certainly popular, but will it be popular enough to challenge the iPhone…doubtful

So there you have it, 10 smartphones that apparently best the iPhone, but what are your views, do you think another device stands up to the might of the iPhone or do you feel the iPhone is simply the best smartphone available.


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