HTC Desire HD Lags Behind Original in Top 20 Phones

The latest smartphone out of the HTC camp is of course the Android 2.2 Froyo packing HTC Desire HD along with the HTC Desire Z handset, and one would think that The HTC Desire HD would easily knock the original HTC Desire off the top slot of a 20 best phones buyer’s guide.

However according to an article over on Tech Radar the HTC Desire HD has failed to kick the HTC Desire from its number one slot in the Tech Radar 20 best mobile phones in the world buyer’s guide, and only manages to come in at number three sitting behind the iPhone 4 in the number two slot.

Apparently the reason why the HTC Desire HD didn’t push the original HTC Desire off the top position to claim it for itself was that reviewers have found that although the original handset suffered from battery issues, so does the HTC Desire HD but more so due to the Desire HD’s 4.3 inch touch screen that drains the battery harder.

So the top handsets according to Tech Radar are the HTC Desire, the iPhone 4, the HTC Desire HD in third position. The LG Optimus 7 Windows Phone 7 device came in fifth followed by the HTC HD7 and Samsung Omnia 7 and the Orange San Francisco handset polled eighth.

So do you agree with Tech Radar’s finding and that the HTC Desire out beats the HTC Desire HD and the iPhone 4, or do you have another opinion on which smartphone should command that top slot?


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  1. George says:

    Personally, and this is just my opinion? but i disagree
    im not keen on the idea of change for the sake of change
    but seriously the desire hd which i got last week to replace the original is a clear improvement
    Its smoother (by a lot) theres more RAM, a better processor and a much improved camera, i actually prefer the screen, colours look crisp and natural.
    The new HTC Sense.com service is just…wow. for those who havn't heard of this new feature yet, read up, it really adds a new layer of use.

    Saying that though, i never am more than 5 hours away from a charger, im either at work, were i have a dockin station for it, at home were i have another, or in my car where i have a car kit.

  2. Tough to say. I'm currently having to charge mine once per day, where as the iphone would last me 2-3days, but i am using the HTC twice as much, so i truly think it depends on what apps you are using and how often. Disabling wireless and having an app to manage your open applications seems to improve the battery of the HTC Desire HD, but i guess only time will tell. At least the battery can be replaced, unlike an iPhone 4.

  3. Arran says:

    I also disagree. I have had the desire HD for one week and the battery, although not excellent and slightly behind the iphone 4, is not as terrible as reviewers have been stating. For example, I unplugged my phone at 7am this morning and at 18:30 I still have 70% of charge after some web-browsing, phone calls, e-mail sync etc. In my opinion this is far from terrible.

  4. Nathan says:

    Well let's put it this way, I came across this page because I searched for a new battery for my Desire HD! I was playing around with it for a little while today and the battery had reached 50% very quickly. Not sure if a higher capacity battery would solve this, but either way, it needs something…

  5. mike says:

    Is it possible to get a bigger capacity battery to fit? Considering upgrade from Blackberry Storm. Can’t be any worse than that surely. Was going to get the Hd tomorrow. Shuld I consider anything else?

  6. chris says:

    The battery on this phone needs a few charges before it will last all day. After a week, run the battery down til it turns off…after a few minutes turn on again until it turns off again. Remove the battery and replace. You will now find that when you plug it in to charge, the battery light flashes orange for about 5 mins ..leave it charging with phone off until fully charged, and keep it charging for an extra hour. Turn on, wait 5 mins, turn off and charge a further hour. After I did this, my phone went from lasting 10hrs to lasting 30hrs on a single charge..

  7. Anonymous says:

    Disagree COMPLETELY,

    I have the phone and all its incredible features definitely make it better than the Desire, that’s why its called a successor!! I previously had the Desire , its got a larger screen, its smoother and faster, its HD, surround sound, aluminium unibody, camera , new sense , sense.com….And if techradar are to stupid to see that then they are seriously mistaken!!!

  8. Minted Biscuits says:

    I'd be all the folk moaning about battery issues sit there with full screen brightness, no app killer and with Wifi on all the time. Because that's the only way I can see them using that much juice. The battery's fine for me, does a day quite happily and that's almost constantly playing music for a large part of the day. Best phone I've ever had, quite easily.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I've had the Desire HD for about 2 weeks now. The first few days the battery life was awful, 8 hours at best with light use. After a few charges though and fiddling around with some settings such as screen brightness and turning off auto updates it pushed the phone to 8-10 hours with medium-heavy usage.
    Even better though was when I found out about the USB Debugging trick that makes the phone run like a dream and the battery life extended somewhere between 20-40% I think. Who would have thought that such a simple step could make the phone considerably better? Any HD owners that haven't got a clue of what I'm going on about should search this up immediately or head on over to the xda forums where I stumbled across this trick. Bottom line: A couple of days ago I went through 12 hours of medium usage and still had around 30-40% battery life left. I'd never plugged the charger with the battery bar still on green up until then. Now I get through a day quite easily with medium use, and around 8 hours with heavy use.

    Let's face it, this is a high-end, power hungry beast of a smartphone. If you need 3 days' worth of battery life then get a low-end handset. If you're happy to charge up this amazing phone every night, then there really is no battery problem. For me, the Desire HD is clearly the number 1 smartphone out there right now.

  10. Raza says:

    I have used a few of the best phones in the market but I can say with much confidence that the HTC Desire HD is the best phone on the planet right now without a doubt. The iphone 4 is a great phone but the Desire HD is a level up. Me and my brother compared both in detail and we both found the Desire HD better in ever way. Userbility is amazing. Iphone users should have the guts to try it out.

    I've not used mine long but I do wish the battery was better. I have been glued to it since I've had it so perhaps that's why but with more ordinary use I should be getting more battery out of it. Will know once I stop fiddling with it constantly.

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