Apple iPhone 4 Battery Problem: 100 Percent to 3 in 5 hours

Now when it comes to the Apple iPhone 4 I must say it seems like one problem after another, this time round it is the battery life and how much it drains so quick.

I have mentioned before about the latest software being installed playing havoc with a few things, like not being able to use the iPhone 4 with a Bose stereo docking station and the pain in the backside not being able to connect to my BMW 530d MSport via Bluetooth, this time round lets talk about the battery life.

I woke up at 6am and only had 4 percent battery life so charged it via my laptop whilst working (Macbook Air), once it got to 100 percent I disconnected and five hours later it was on 3 percent, so glad human life is not as draining as that or I would be born to die within weeks.

Now I know you will all comment saying you have this running in the background or you have wifi on etc, well let me explain what was running. WiFi is always on for work use, I go onto our Facebook wall say every hour just to check things but always logout in between use and of course when you double click the menu button I delete the icons as to make sure it is not running in the back ground.

Seeing as I leave WiFi on I turn 3G off no point in using the both, so what do I have running in the background? NOTHING is the answer.

Do I text a lot? NO is the answer, Am I on the Phone making or receiving calls? OF COURSE I am I use it for business.

Please do comment below and let me know why the Apple iPhone 4 can go from 100 percent to 3 percent in five hours.


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  1. Dave says:

    Apps are allowed to run location services while in the background. If you leave a navigation app in the navigating mode and go on to using other apps, the GPS radio will stay on to support the app and your battery life will be significantly reduced. If you stop navigation mode before leaving a well behaved app, there is no problem and you should see 7-9 hours of screen on use. I typically see about use mine about 6 hours a day and end up with 20% remaining on the battery. The iPhone 4 has better battery life than any previous iPhone.

  2. What about your phone signal? If you are using the phone a lot and your signal is modest, the phone may be working harder. I think this is the source of the iPhone's telephone issues. Because it has one of the lowest SARs of smartphones, it has trouble "getting connected" with modest cell signals. I've had my 4 for a month. Four calls were dropped. The only time calls dropped were in big stores, when I was in the back of the stores. (Two of the four lost calls were in the Apple store…).

  3. SirCake says:

    Turn down the screen brightness and turn off Bluetooth. Those things will help significantly. And I don't know of anything that runs down my phone's battery faster than *phone calls*. Talking on the phone is about the only thing I do where the battery runs down even if it is plugged into a charger at the time.

    That said, five hours is pretty good for a smartphone. That's about what I get, but then again, I am using my iPhone constantly. When I am not surfing, texting, or playing We Rule, I am listening to TWiT.tv or my music in the background. Five hours is markedly improved from my 3G, which onlyy lasted three hours under very best of circumstances – just about two hours was normal for me. I think five hours beats most Android phones by a lot, but probably pales in comparison to a BlackBerry.

    If battery life is that much of an issue, you can get a Mophie Juicepack, or similar case-with-a-charger-built-in. I also keep some way to charge my phone in all of my usual haunts (by the computer, by my bed, in my car, at my desk). It is a sacrifice I am willing to make in order to have a camera, a calculator, a video player, a portable game device, a GPS system, a reference guide, a music player, a computer, and hey, even a phone(!) right there in my pocket.

  4. Ade Ricardo-Batty says:

    Hi – I too have just had the same issue – it appeared 2 days ago, and have had 4.1 installed for a while now – I can't think what triggered it. I have not changed the use of my phone, ensured there were no background apps running (double-click then close everything), and left 3G and wifi on as I normally do. The reason I noticed the change was that normally I leave the phone on all night, and it usually loses about 15-20% charge through the night (wifi and 3G on) – but for the last 2 nights it lost all charge from 85% the first night and 90% last night. Is it possible that apps are still running in the background even when you double-click and there is nothing showing? I will report to Apple asap. Regards, Ade

      1. Nicola says:

        TOTALLY having the same issue. and it randomly started 2 days ago. how do you stop apps running in the background? I don't know if any of mine are doing this?

    1. Bonnie says:

      Same, I charge my phone all the night, then take it out, in the noon I just want to use it, all off. I've already close every app, wifi, 3g, everthing. It has happened for a week, I did the same every day.
      I do want to know what happen.

  5. Ade Ricardo-Batty says:

    After a bit of playing around with the phone (changing bluetooth settings, wifi, 3g etc), I figured out the culprit – it was the push email (for my exchange work email). Something must have gone wrong with it as I've had this enabled for several months without any issue, and I'm not getting any more emails than usual. I turned this off and setup to retrieve every 15 minutes instead, and the battery is now lasting much much longer. I think it only dropped a couple of percent overnight the first night I enabled it.

  6. pat says:

    I had similar issue yesterday morning after it was fully charged the day before and then I did not make any call or browse when I was in office…..however….it lost all battery in the afternoon….called apple customer service and asked me to restore it again and fully discharge and fully charged again….tried…but seems only a bit improved.

    After i read this discussion chain, now I try to switch off push mail, logoff face book, switch off wifi and see whether it improves or else need to go to apple customer service centre to test…..

  7. pat says:

    I had similar issue yesterday morning after it was fully charged the day before and then I did not make any call or browse when I was in office…..however….it lost all battery in the afternoon….called apple customer service and asked me to restore it again and fully discharge and fully charged again….tried…but seems only a bit improved.

  8. brett says:

    I'm thinking the battery life is not being reported properly…because my phone had 38% and a few hours later is now showing 100%…without plugging it in.

    So my guess is that yours did the same thing, saying it had 100% when in reality it was *not* fully charged.

    I am on iOS 4.1.

  9. Guest says:

    Mine has started going doolally in the last three days – fully charged this morning but by 1530hrs it is down to 38%. Over the weekend it got into the red pretty quickly by the end of the day without (I think) excessive use. I am going to monitor it for the next few days. I am also going to change my auto-off from 4mins to 2mins. switch off wifi, log off facebook etc.

  10. Ian G says:

    I am on my third iPhone4! Exactly as you have described, it starts suddenly and for no apparent reason. Unfortunately it has just happened again to my current phone. Like you, I'm not sure what the cause is, but I woke up this morning and my phone was cooking. The only thing plugged into it were my headphones, but the body was incredibly hot, so something had started cooking internally. Replacing this one will mean that the average life expectancy of an iphone 4 with me is 5 weeks! Now that's some going; my Nokia N71 went through hell and back over 2.5 years and was still going strong at the end!

    I love the iphone, I'm a real convert to it but this issue is really testing my resolve to stick with it!

  11. Fred says:

    Hi, I am having the exact problem and it came very suddenly. Didn't change anything and the battery time was reduced by approximately 80%. Have anyone heard any solution from Apple?

  12. Stijn says:

    same problem here. I used to start the day with 100% battery and in the evening end up with about 55-60%.
    Suddenly my battery is drainig much much faster. After about 4-5 hours standby the battery has about 15-20% left.

  13. Debby says:

    I charged my iphone fully at 4.30pm. By 7pm it was down to 15% and it was just sat on my desk doing nothing! Gonna buy a new battery and replace it

  14. dharmesh says:

    My phone battery get very fast low, I have 4g. What to do now?
    I have read all the possibilities to lower down the battery but all in vain.

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