Orange San Francisco Unboxed and Handled on video

So the latest smartphone on Orange UK is the Android handset called the San Francisco and also known as the ZT Blade and is part of the low end range from Orange. Today we are treaded to a traditional unboxing and overview video of the Orange San Francisco, which we have for you below.

The Orange San Francisco unboxing and overview footage comes our way courtesy of Eurodroid and by way of Android MoDaCo, and lasts a whopping fifteen and a half minutes where the commentator gets up closed with the device.

Spec wise the Orange San Francisco offers a 3 megapixel camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, MP3 player, FM radio, 3G, 150MB internal memory and microSD expansion up to 32GB, Android 2.1, Orange Maps, Orange Messenger via Windows Live, Email, Orange Wednesdays and Orange App Store.

So without further ado I’ll stop right there and simply let you jump on down and mash that play button so you can get to know the budget Android Orange San Francisco for yourselves…enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Orange San Francisco Unboxed and Handled on video”

  1. Andy Snapper says:

    I purchased an Orange San Francisco and I am very pleased with its' performance, features and value for money.

    Orange do not market a specific slip case for this model but I recommend the Samsung Unversal Case which fits the San Francisco like it was made for it and has gaps in the right places for charging and MP3 connections. This case is made in durable leather.

    Hope this helps!


  2. Steve Macca says:

    Great video. But you did not cover Google Maps or the camcorder. Does it allow for google voice navigation as it is an orange brand or have they locked this? Also what size resolution and fps is the camcorder funtion.
    Cheers Steve

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