iOS 4.2 iPhone Update: Features New Volume Slider Widget

We all know that the new iOS 4.2 GM has been released to developers and each day we are learning something new about what it contains, well today we are talking about new features.

The new iOS 4.2 GM that recently released to developers is being played around with and new features are being revealed; according to TiPB this new software brings a volume slider widget for iPhone and iPod touch.

The iPhone does not have home screen landscape view and the volume slider isn’t next to the other widgets like it is on the iPad, but the new iOS 4.2 will bring you these features: Swipe left to move to the music controls and orientation lock widgets, Swipe left again to move to the volume slider widgets and Double tap to open the multitasking fast app switcher dock.

We will be bringing you much more news covering iOS 4.2 so please do come back often, in fact just stay where you are and keep refreshing the homepage as not to miss out on any news.

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4 thoughts on “iOS 4.2 iPhone Update: Features New Volume Slider Widget”

  1. Owen says:

    i think instead of a volume slider it would be more appropriate to have a brightness slider . as you have the volume rocker buttons on the side of the device . and it would be so much easier than to have to go into settings and so on.

    and i would also love my iphone 4 to be able to have a landscape homescreen just like the ipad . i think it would be awesome

  2. mattcurd says:

    Updates need to include a brightness slider for the lock screen to preserve that extra bit of battery life. I'd also like to see more control for multitasking, seems pointless for some apps to be running in multitask that don't exploit its features.

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