Apple Store, iPhone 4 Ship in 24, Job Done

Ok the title is like a rhyme but hey it is self-explanatory, if you visit the Apple Store you will notice on the iPhone 4 page it now says ships in 24 hours.

The iPhone 4 has been out a while now and it has at last got ship in 24 hours stamped all over it, the question is will they live by their word? This is where you come in.

The demand for the Apple iPhone 4 is immense but it seems Apple has caught up and can now ship within one day, please do let us know when you have ordered your iPhone 4 smartphone and how long it took to be delivered to your front door.

Have you ordered your device yet? No, well come on get them now and it will be in your hand within 24 hours, what else do you want ‘Blood’.

Source – iPhone Download Blog

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