Nokia N8 Gorilla Glass Torture Test: Video

We have a video for your viewing pleasure today that puts the Nokia N8 Gorilla Glass under stress by putting the smartphone through a round of scratch tests along with an attempt to damage the N8’s casing as well.

The Nokia N8 Gorilla Glass scratch test video comes out way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of Blog N8 fr, and delivers almost five minutes of attempting to do damage to Nokia’s Symbian^3 handset.

The commentary of the video is in French but you don’t really need to understand the language to see what they do to the Nokia N8 with a coin and try a couple of times with vigorous hand movement to get it to scratch, and of course obviously we don’t advise you to try this with your own Nokia N8.

So to find out just how well the Nokia N8 stands up to the scratch test to its screen and the back casing head on down, mash that play button and check out the video…enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Nokia N8 Gorilla Glass Torture Test: Video”

  1. He’s going a little bit too easy on it I think. When will it start to show scratches? You have to dig in a bit, cut cut cut, use a breadknife. Put on some mountain climbing shoes and do the moon walk on it. Put it on the asfalt face down and run over it with a SUV. If it survives that I’m impressed. Then you’d have to go even deeper and take out the blender and the lawmover. Something’s gotta take down that gorilla glass.
    Does it come from outer space? When did exactly aliens delivery this material to Nokia?
    Well I’m a little bit impressed. Gonna show this to my wife now, she’s a born cell-phone abuser. http://www.whatisguide.net/0112-gorilla-glass.htm

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