Flash on iPhone via SkyFire: Renders Video Into HTML5

Thanks to the new SkyFire app being released to the Apple Store on Thursday it is now possible to have flash on the iPhone, you know the app that was submitted to 2 months ago that is now approved.

There is no love what so ever between Apple and Adobe when it comes to flash content because Apple believes in HTML5, Apple will not allow Flash on any of its iOS devices. Well now it seems SkyFire cuts around some corners climbs some trees and provides us with just what we want.

Flash content can now be downloaded to servers and then it will be translated and in return renders such video into HTML5, iOS loves HTML5. You must remember that SkyFire will not work with all sites, you know like flash games and cannot convert Hulu videos.

The new SkyFire app will cost $2.99 and will be available Thursday; do you want flash that bad to pay the above price? Check out the video below

Source — CNN via iPhone Download Blog

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