Nokia N8 Multimedia Reporter How to Video

So you have a desire to maybe step into a new career, perhaps as a multimedia reporter, well this is where the Nokia N8 can help as we have a video from the Nokia Camera School giving a lesson on how to be a multimedia reporter.

In this Nokia N8 Camera School video which comes our way courtesy of Jay Montano over at My Nokia Blog, we are treated to some tips from Nokia Conversations on how to be a reporter in front and behind of the camera, and in this case the Nokia N8 camera.

The Nokia N8 multimedia reporter how to video lasts just over the tow minute marks and covers such things as the introduction, cut away scenes, personal interviews and the wrap up.

So if you have ever thought about taking up multimedia reporting as a career head on down, mash that play button and check out this Nokia N8 Camera Class how to…enjoy.

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