Sony Ericsson LiveView for Android but Not iOS: UK Release

The new Sony Ericsson LiveView is being released in the UK on November 19 and we know that all Android users running Android 2.0 will be very happy indeed, wonder if iOS users are a little disappointed?

Sony Ericsson Live View is a cool accessory for Android smartphone users running 2.0 or above; this cute 1.3-inch display unit works in conjunction with your Android device via Bluetooth.

The device will allow you to check information previews such as RSS feeds, email, SMS, MMS, calls and much more, it is very easy to use thanks to the four navigation soft keys.

All you need is to run this device: Android smartphone, Android 2.0 or above and you will also need to download the LiveWare Manager and LiveView app on to your Android device from the Market Place, once you have done this just sync them both together and bob is your uncle.

The Sony Ericsson is just basically a posh remote control for your smartphone, for more information please watch the stunning video below and also check out Gadget Venue.

If you are an Apple iPhone user please let us know if you are ticked off that this product is not coming to smartphones that runs the iOS, you know like the iPhone, iPod etc.


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