iOS4 Features Are They better Than Android 2.2 Froyo?

Android fans will say their software is better the Apple’s iOS and iPhone fans will claim otherwise, and basically no matter what anyone lese says those fans will stick to their guns when it comes to defending their favoured platform.

However and interesting article over on Eweek by claims there are ten reasons why Android 2.2 Froyo can’t match iOS4 features, so lets see what those 10 reasons are shall we…

The first reason stated is that Google isn’t so big on software, and that their real plan with Android is to dominate the advertising space and this is why Google offers Android as a free OS and falls short when compared to Apple software design. Okay, well as Android is available on numerous smartphones and seems to be doing rather well against iOS I can’t really see this being a pertinent point as Apple rakes in ad revenue as well.

Second reason is that Apple understands consumers, they understand what a consumer wants and how they will use a product, and Google doesn’t seem to understand consumers all that well and has a long way to go to match Apple. Hmm well I will say just one thing to rebuff this one, Apple customers want a white iPhone 4 does Apple understand that one?

Next on the list is Multitasking, with iOS4 multitasking is running on the iPhone and Google has a long way to go to match anything Apple is offering currently. Really? Yes Apple certainly took its time in delivering the simple stuff to the iPhone such as MMS and the like.

Then we have what is called folders make it ok; iOS is better than Android 2.2 Froyo due to Apple’s OS folder support meaning users can quickly create folders and place similar programs together. Okay I’ll give iOS that one but do people really need a folders ability?

At the halfway point is what they call “Ease of use must come into play,” which basically means the iPhone iOS is easier to use than the Android OS and doesn’t have the issues Android has when vendors tailor the user experience to their own requirements. I say ease of use boils down to the user and Android users will say Android is easier to use while iPhone user will defend their OS, so basically a matter of personal choice.

Next to come is responsiveness; apparently Android 2.2 doesn’t respond as efficiently as it should compared to Apple’s iOS the reason being iOS delivers more responsiveness when interacted with by the user. Well to be honest I can’t really comment on 2.2 Froyo as my Samsung Galaxy S hasn’t been updated yet but as far as 2.1 Éclair goes its pretty responsive.

Then we have reason 7 which is “too many variations;” now this is a slap at Android being adopted by the many while the Apple iOS is constrained to just Apple devices. But really when you look at it Android is open and therefore available to go on many handsets while Apple’s draconian stranglehold over their OS is obviously only ever going to be on Apple gear, so really no contest.

Next comes the App Store; “the App Store is integral to the success of iOS4,” basically saying the App Store has way more apps than any other application store so its better than the rest while the Android Market still has a long way to go. Agreed, Apple does have more apps that Android, but Apple also likes to keep strict control over anything that goes on their baby. The Android Market did start quite some time after the App Store and like most things everything takes time.

Almost there with iTunes integration; any iOS device can access iTunes and delivers an “end-to-end entertainment experience” that is not available on Android. Okay yep fine but then not everything is about music on a smartphone, and personally I don’t use iTunes.

Lastly is “the tablet issue;” IOS is for both smartphones and tablets and Apple will offer iOS4 integration with their table, while Google has said Android 2.2 Froyo isn’t for tablets. So yes that is true, but the original iPhone operating system wasn’t designed to go on tables either so perhaps Android Gingerbread or Honeycomb may solve that issue after all isn’t that what Apple done?

So there you have it 10 supposed reasons why Android 2.2 Froyo can’t match iOS4 along with my personal views, but everything changes over time and sooner or later Android will either become as good as iOS or better, what do you think?


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  1. TOd Dot says:

    ‘Then we have what is called folders make it ok; iOS is better than Android 2.2 Froyo due to Apple’s OS folder support meaning users can quickly create folders and place similar programs together.’

    Froyo has folders, add folders on any screens with whatever apps you want in them, in HTC’s Sense and Vanilla Froyo..

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