Facebook Boss Slams Apple iPad as Not Mobile

So did you know that the Apple iPad isn’t a mobile device even though you can carry it around with you? Well apparently Facebook’s CEP Mark Zuckerberg said so during the Facebook event yesterday.

According to an article over on TiPb by Rene Ritchie and by way of Mashable, when asked about the possibility of a Facebook application for the Apple iPad, Zuckerberg replied that the Apple iPad was not mobile.

Zuckerberg’s answer was to the question posed by Mashable’s Ben Parr to which Parr said Apple would disagree, and Zuckerberg’s response to that was “Well, sorry.”

However the current head of Facebook Mobile, Eric Tseng, then intercepted and stated that they are working on their strategy for tablets and apparently it needs a new approach. Although Tseng did mention that Facebook can be accessed by the iPad through the official Facebook website and touch.facebook.com.

So there you go, for the time being the Apple iPad will not gain an official Facebook app, but maybe sometime in the future. So do you feel a Facebook app just for the iPad is needed? Drop us a line in our comments section with your thoughts.


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