Facebook Phone Doesn’t Appear: Do We Need It?

Well the big old Facebook event has come and gone and has buried the rumour that a Facebook phone might be announced at the event as Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook CEO didn’t hit on the possibility of a Facebook phone.

According to an article over on Product-reviews by Alan NG, the Facebook phone was heavily rumoured before the event, but the Facebook guys concentrated on enhancing Facebook mobile so the mobile versions can deliver a closer experience to the desktop version.

Facebook brought 3 new things to play during their event, the Facebook Deals Platform, a Single Sign-on, and Places API. Facebook Deals delivers deals to the user from merchants and enables the user to also search for deals from their mobile phone.

But the main thing is that Facebook didn’t deliver anything on a Facebook mobile phone, although the lack of any mention doesn’t mean there won’t be a Facebook phone in the future. But do we really need a Facebook phone?

The Facebook app is virtually on every smartphone device anyway so what real use would a Facebook phone really be? We’d like to know your views on a Facebook phone so feel free to drop us a comment in the area below…many thanks.

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