Mobile Phone Room Unlock Piloted in Stockholm

So if you are going to stay at a hotel why bother with a room key when you carry your mobile phone wherever you go anyway? It appears that the humble mobile phone is destined to become your key to entering rooms in the near future.

According to an article over on Cheap Hotel Bookings, by Tiffany Millar, repeat visitors to the Clarion Hotel in Stockholm are the first to try out tech that enables the guest to unlock their hotel room with their mobile phone rather than using a key-card and can even check-in via their phone.

The largest door lock maker in the world, Assa Abloy has engineered the new system which enables users to unlock a door via their mobile handset via a “close-range radio chip,” which is Near Field Communication which is expected to become standard in the mobile phone arena over the next few years.

Redeye analyst, Greger Johansson has said that “NFC is some of the hottest technology in the mobile handset market,” and added that some handset makers have now started to feature NFC in their mobile devices although it could take some time for the tech to become widely used.

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