Is T-Mobile USA Network 4G or Upgraded 3G? Debate

T-Mobile USA has upgraded its network to what they call 4G, but we want to know if it is actually 4G or is it just an upgraded 3G.

T-Mobile is running ads as America’s Largest 4G Network according to Seattle PI Blog, but other sources say that the carriers network is basically an upgraded 3G, when we say 3G or 4G we expect speed differences that are what we all think anyway.

T-Mobile apparently says that by calling it 4G is justified because downloads are as fast as the new 4G networks. When it comes to 4G we know that Sprints WiMax and Verizons LTE is more on the ball with 4G and these are in test stages now, WiMax and LTE use different methods to transmit data from the T-Mobile’s “4G” network, which is still based on 3G technology.

Please let us know what your thoughts are on the above mentioned, be good to know what you are thinking.

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