Will iOS 4.2 Update Release November 7 or Not?

Everyone is complaining about the alarm clock DST bug so much so we have had a great response, well we have already heard that the Apple iOS 4.2 GM update will fix this problem, but we want to know if the public update will release November 7 or not.

We have learned that the new iOS 4.2 update will feature volume slider widget and much more, there has been a hint according to DeviceMag that the problem with the alarm clock bug will be fixed after November 7th and that Apple is referring to the iOS 4.2 update.

The update will release around the date above but NOT before, the GM version has already been released to developers and we can see Apple given us some sort of confirmation very soon of the public release.

What do you think, do you think that the public update will be on November 7, which is a Sunday or do you think it will be after?

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