Nokia Gains Ally in Patent Fight against Apple

We all know how Nokia feels about Apple and visa versa and the two are locked in a fight over patent infringements that will no doubt drag on and on for years, but Nokia has now gained an ally in their patent fight.

According to an article over on Engadget Mobile by Chris Ziegler, and by way of an article over on Bloomberg, Nokia’s new ally happens to be the US International Trade Commission, which has apparently come down on the side of Nokia in the aforementioned patent infringement suits.

Apparently the US ITC have stated that “the evidence will not establish a violation,” on the part of Nokia, and adds that other patents are invalid while others aren’t infringed whatsoever.

However although the US ITC has come down on Nokia’s side, but the judge in the lawsuit doesn’t have to agree with the US International Trade Commission in their findings and is expected to come to a decision sometime in February 2011. Of course Nokia will be pleased that the US ITC has come down on their side in what could turn out to be a bloody battle.


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  1. this is not as significant a blow for Apple as it may seem at first sight. Apple's ITC complaint against Nokia hit a fork in the road in April when the ITC decided to split up the case into two parts, one of which also affects HTC as another defendant. So the negative opinion relates to only four patents, and those don't include the strategic multi-touch functionality. I have analyzed the situation in detail and while 3 of those 4 patents are also used against Android, there are 24 other Apple patents in suit against Motorola and HTC: http://fosspatents.blogspot.com/2010/11/itc-staff

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