Skyfire Flash on iOS iPhone Overview Video

Now that the Skyfire app is available or maybe not available as the case may be, the Skyfire app enables the user to play Flash videos on their iOS device, and what we have here is an overview video of Skyfire on the iPhone.

The Skyfire app playing nice on the iPhone overview video comes our way courtesy of Jon Rettinger over at Technobuffalo and delivers almost six minutes of taking a close look at Skyfire on the iPhone.

The Skyfire app is for the iPhone. iPad and iPod Touch and costs $2.99 although currently you can’t purchase the app as it is unavailable due to server issues which Skyfire hopes to rectify soon.

However that doesn’t stop you taking a look at how the Skyfire app looks on the iPhone and you can do so by jumping down below and hitting the play button…enjoy.


One thought on “Skyfire Flash on iOS iPhone Overview Video”

  1. Mister says:

    Why isn't it playing embedded video? Why can you not play flash games? This isn't even close to a true web experience…the closest true web experience to be had on a mobile device are Android 2.2 devices that utilize flash 10…Skyfire was nice when it was originally released for Windows Mobile, but this simply will not do.

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